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5 Facts Patients Should Know about Dialysis

Our pharmacy in Tallahassee, Florida offers specialized care plans for patients dealing with various medical conditions. This includes those who are undergoing dialysis for end-stage renal disease.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, over 500,000 patients received dialysis treatment in 2016. There are many misconceptions about this vital treatment procedure, and we would like to address them with the following facts:

  1. One can receive dialysis at home
    It is not true that the only way to receive this treatment is to visit a dialysis center several times a week. Current medical innovations, like peritoneal dialysis, have allowed patients to receive dialysis without discontinuing their routines at home or at work.
  2. Dialysis increases your chances of survival
    Chronic kidney disease may be the 9th leading cause of death in the country, but that does not mean that dying is inevitable if you have to undergo dialysis. A report by the United States Renal Data System reveals that 57% of patients with chronic kidney disease live longer for up to three at the onset of kidney failure thanks to dialysis.
  3. Dialysis can be affordable
    While the procedure is costly, there are ways to alleviate healthcare costs. The federal government pays 80% of dialysis costs for most patients, and both private and state health insurance plans also provide adequate coverage. Receiving the aid of a reliable retail pharmacy in Florida can also help.
  4. Dialysis patients can still follow their normal routines

    Innovations like peritoneal dialysis and in-home dialysis machines manned by dedicated nurses reduce the need to visit a dialysis clinic regularly. Consult your dialysis care team to learn all about your alternatives for receiving treatment.

  5. Dialysis is not totally painful
    One can request special medication to numb the area on the fistula or graft. Following your diet and fluid restrictions can also prevent most of the secondary effects that occur during the procedure, like nausea and cramps. If you experience pain during the procedure, notify your care team immediately.

WCRx Health also does its part by providing access to helpful dialysis supplies and medication, such as those provided by Fresenius Medical Care.

For quality medication management in Tallahassee for dialysis care, contact us today.

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