Wound Care

WCRx Wound Care Clinic is the most advanced Chronic Wound Care Clinic in Tallahassee and Leon County, FL. devoted solely to chronic wound care and management with a focus on diagnosis and treatment.

Our Wound Care Clinic specializes in treating acute chronic and non-healing wounds including Bedsores, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Burns and Infectious Wounds with a 85% Success Rate.

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Chronic wounds affect Millions worldwide and are often a result of underlying health conditions!

Chronic wounds are those that do not progress through a normal, orderly and timely sequence of repair. They are common and are often incorrectly treated. Chronic wounds can result in long term pain, decreased mobility and reduced physical and psychological wellbeing. 
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What are Amniotic Tissue Products?

Amniotic tissue products, allografts, are human amniotic fluids and/or amniotic membrane tissues that have been minimally manipulated into a liquid or patch format. Amniotic tissue allografts can be placed on or around a wound to serve the same function that they do in utero, which is to cover, protect and nourish tissue.  


Amniotic membranes, when used as a biological dressing, helps wound healing by acting as a foundation for re-growth of soft tissue. 


No Special Surgeries or Instruments Required

All Natural

All Active Ingredients are found naturally in the body

85% Success Rate

Within a 12 week period

Wound Care Process

Wound Care Requirements

If you have not received any recent treatments for your wounds, Medicare requires 4 weeks of conservative treatment: cleaning & debridement for 1 day a week for 4 weeks then the Graft can be applied.

This is a Medicare requirement

Call: 850-250-4305
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