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Common Myths About Pharmacists Debunked

Common Myths About Pharmacists Debunked

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding the pharmacy industry. As a retail pharmacy in Florida, a big part of our drive is to enhance and empower patients with knowledge about medications. It is our mission to educate our patients on how exactly a pharmacist benefits the community. We’ll start by dispelling the false stereotypes of a pharmacist.

Five myths people mistake about pharmacists debunked:

  1. Only chemistry majors go to pharmacy school.

    Although there’s certainly a lot of chemistry involved, many pharmacists have college backgrounds in biology, psychology, or pharmaceutical science.

  2. Pharmacists spend most of the day counting pills.

    Not true. Our duties involve talking to physicians, advising businesses, conducting research, acting as a consultant for patients, educating future pharmacists, and working with the FDA and other authorities to name a few.

  3. There are no specializations for pharmacists.

    Not quite. We pharmacists can be managers, long-term care staff, technicians, clerks, directors, clinicians, researchers, etc. while performing our duty in the pharmacy.

  4. Pharmacists only work in retail.

    Pharmacists aren’t just people who sell prescriptions. We are part of a medical team. Pharmacists also work in hospitals, nursing facilities, and other similar settings.

  5. Pharmacists work behind the scenes.

    Not exactly. For example, medication management in Tallahassee can involve working with multidisciplinary teams of medical practitioners or routinely coordinating healthcare team members to optimize medication compliance.

WCRx Health is a pharmacy in Tallahassee, Florida, that has been serving the community for many years now. With your new-found knowledge about pharmacists, hopefully, you will not hesitate to seek our expert help.

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