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What are Preventative Screenings (Preventative Care)?

Preventive Care is a term that refers to health care services, like tests and screenings, which are performed to check your health status and keep you healthy. Preventive care includes things like cancer screenings, diet and obesity counseling, testing for sexually transmitted infections and birth control.

What are Identification Screenings?

Identification Screening is a process for evaluating the possible presence of a particular problem. The outcome is normally a simple yes or no. Assessment is a process for defining the nature of that problem, determining a diagnosis and developing specific treatment recommendations for addressing the problem or diagnosis.

What is screening in medical terms?

Medical screening is the systematic application of a test or inquiry, to identify individuals at sufficient risk of a specific disorder to benefit from further investigation or direct preventive action, among those who have not sought medical attention on account of symptoms of that disorder.

Does Medicare cover Screenings?

Medicare can help. Medicare pays for many preventive services to keep you healthy. Preventive services include exams, shots, lab tests, and screenings. They also include programs for health monitoring and counseling and education to help you take care of your own health.

Who qualifies screenings?

People who are 65 and older are at high risk of having serious health complications.

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