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Therapeutic Case Management (TCM) is an opportunity for Pharmacists to work collaboratively with Physicians to help manage chronic disease patients with at least two co-morbid conditions. TCM provides non face to face service offered to patients with multiple (2 or more) chronic conditions. TCM is a continuous monthly service at no charge to the patient. Payment for TCM services is billed through Medicare and Medicaid.

The patient will have access 24/7 to WCRx Health to address their needs. This would be with clinical staff either employed or contracted with the doctor’s office and does not require a physician to provide direct supervision. This only requires general supervision, for services provided outside of the practice’s normal business hours. Services to be provided by clinical staff, would have direct oversight between the supervising practitioner and the clinical staff personnel who provide after hours services. An organizational structure is required to either of employment or contractual relationship between the clinical staff and the practitioner or practice.

Informed Consent

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