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At WCRx Health, We Are Here to Serve You.

Quality services, medicines, and medical supplies just for you.

WCRx Health is greatly honored to receive such praises and heartwarming compliments from our previous and current clients. Read through the testimonials they have given.

7 Responses to Client Testimonials

  1. -Frazier J.

    “Ever since the accident I have a hard time getting around. WCRx Pharmacy has been a blessing providing me with an avenue to get my medicine with my limited mobility.”

  2. G. Respass

    “WCRx Pharmacy is the only pharmacy for me! They have always treated me with respect and I love the service that they provide”

  3. M. Wilson

    “Since I have been with WCRx Pharmacy getting my medications mailed to me has been worry free. The medications come in a timely manner and are home by the time I get there the following day.”

  4. C. Van Norman

    “There have been times when I had questions about my medications and I was glad that I was able to get hold of a pharmacist to give me the answer(s) that I needed.”

  5. B. Salyers

    “As a busy professional it can be hard to fit everything into your work schedule. With the cost of everything going up having a pharmacy deliver to me for free helps me maximize the time that I have as well as minimize the cost associated with time and gas. WCRx Pharmacy is a professional’s dream.”

  6. Sheila R.

    “With money being tight it is great to know there is a pharmacy that can work with me to get the medications I need. The flexible copayments allows to work around my pay periods.”

  7. Christine V.

    When I had a bad reaction with some of the medications that I was taking, WCRx Pharmacy helped me resolve the problem and I have been good ever since.

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