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Lab Services

Laboratory Scientist
In The Lab

WCRx Health Lab works with medical practices to provide diagnostic services that provide medical professionals with information for proper diagnoses. Lab tests involve fluid samples, body scans, cell samples and more.

Using State of the art laboratory equipment, our clinical laboratory scientist analyzes body fluid samples, such as blood, urine, DNA and Cell samples. The result of these analyses provide information that helps physicians diagnose or monitor a patient's state of health or disease.

WCRx Health Lab also works with Individuals that want to get checked for kidney disease if you have:

  • diabetes

  • high blood pressure

  • heart disease

  • a family history of kidney failure

Our Goal is to promptly provide highly reliable laboratory data to satisfy the needs of people with chronic diseases & clinicians involved in medical practice and health maintenance of patients.

Florida Medicaid Accepeted
Need Lab Services?
Call: 850-222-1963
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