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Ensuring Seniors’ Safety in the Bathroom

Ensuring Seniors’ Safety in the Bathroom

To ensure seniors’ comfort and safety, it is recommended for caregivers to place precautionary measures all around the house; especially in the bathroom. Close attention must be paid to common areas in the house where accidents, slips, and falls happen. As a pharmacy in Tallahassee, Florida, we provide you with the following suggestions to accident-proof your bathrooms:

  • Safe Bath Seat Riser

    This is ideal for seniors who have issues with their leg strength and/or are suffering from osteoarthritis. Bath seat risers help them use the toilet with less pressure on their knees. With these, seniors do not have to bend low and aggravate their knee pain; which, along with proper care and medication management in Tallahassee, can be reduced.

    Bath seat risers can be adjusted based on their height and level of comfort.

  • Bathtub and Shower Transfer Bench

    Transfer benches help make getting in and out of the shower easier and safer for older adults. Bathtub and shower transfer benches are stable, rust-resistant, and can effectively support seniors’ weight as they sit or stand. These are mainly made of aluminum and plastic, which makes them durable and stable. These benches can also be adjusted based on the height of the person using it.

  • Bathtub Rails

    Bathtub rails can help seniors support themselves as they get in and out of the bathtub. These are made of aluminum and are sturdy. These are also fairly easy to install and help your seniors avoid slips and injuries.

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